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  • Call Us (04)3689941 - (052)9648070

  • Mangrove Experience: We have created a system of pleasant experience right from the beginning to the end involving your Inquiry, Ocular Visit (if required), a Detailed and Comprehensive Quote, a Non-intrusive follow-up, Execution of the project and the Handover. Even after getting paid, we maintain a cordial relationship with you and are always at your service should you require us to re-visit due to any reason.


    A One-Stop-Shop: Whether it is Deep Cleaning of your Home or Business place, whether it is Steam Cleaning & Shampooing of your Carpets or Upholstery or Steam Cleaning of your Mattresses and Curtains, We do it all at Mangrove Services Dubai. What’s even more interesting is that we provide all the services right at your door steps. Yes, you do not have to remove the curtains and bare the windows. We steam clean and sanitise curtains right where they hang. Guess what…we even Steam Clean & Sanitize your Cars too!


    Sustainability: Our cleaning service is totally green. We use Steam as a principal method of delivery for deep cleaning. It is a Green and Sustainable method as compared to chemical based cleaning where your family and our environment are exposed to health hazards.
    Sanitization: Steam not only cleans perfect but sanitises as well thus reducing the need of pest control. Steam kills 99.9% of Bacteria and most of the creepy crawlies along with their ova too.
    About Steam: When mopping wooden and leather surfaces, to avoid damages, We use dry steam, that means steam with 5-7% moisture content.
    Quality Control: While our teams have a supervisor as a member of the working team, we do not leave quality control to chance and on the whims of the team working on the project. Our Operations department conducts regular Audits of the project sites prior to handing over the sites to the owners. Operations Manager or even Director would visit the site prior to completion of the job, interact with you and hand over the project to you only after he is satisfied that the site is steam-cleaned as per Mangrove’s standards.


    Quality of Materials: To ensure there are no smudges or scratches on the walls or the wooden furniture, we use Micro Fiber cloth. We do not believe in cutting corners, even though Micro Fiber Cloth costs many folds than general dusters.


    Trained Work Force: We train our employees both on job and in a classroom environment. All these factors, although increase our operational costs yet make us unique too. Rest assured that to stay relevant to you, we are always ready to go an extra mile.